The George F. Baker Scholars Program

The Baker Scholars Program embodies the spirit of Georgetown! If you are a College sophomore, interested in business or the social impact of business, and you are looking to explore opportunities outside of the classroom with a close community of scholars and alumni, consider applying to the Baker Scholars Program.

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Business Leaders For Others

You will meet leaders and make connections across industries; you may find an exciting job you never imagined; and you’ll become part of a lifelong, inclusive, and intergenerational community of Baker friends and mentors. Baker Scholars are leaders for others who invest in themselves and others and are committed to a 50-year Baker legacy of service, gratitude, generosity of heart, and an inexpressible ‘spark’ of passion!

The Georgetown Difference

The Baker Scholars Program was founded at Georgetown College in 1973 with funding from the George F. Baker Foundation. George F. Baker, a leading financier and philanthropist, strongly believed that business was well served by business leaders educated in the liberal arts and inspired by a social conscience.

Georgetown’s Baker Scholars Program endures because of its home at Georgetown and its chief architect, Royden B. Davis, S.J., who served as Dean of Georgetown College from 1966 to 1989. The Jesuit ideals of “men and women for others” and cura personalis are quite naturally the foundation of Georgetown’s Baker Scholar Program.

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Program Elements

Baker Scholars are expected to dedicate a significant amount of time to the Baker community and activities, meeting frequently throughout the school year. The Baker experience includes visiting multiple cities and meeting business leaders across a range of businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Mentoring is a core element of the Baker Scholars Program. Upon selection, Scholars are paired with Baker Trustees who serve as mentors. The Baker web is a lifelong, inclusive, and intergenerational community of over 400 friends, mentors, and colleagues who support each other, both personally and professionally.

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Program Leadership

Guided by George F. Baker’s purpose, Fr. Davis appointed Founding Trustees to help build the community of Georgetown’s Baker Scholars Program. The Program continues to endure with the ongoing commitment of the College Dean’s office and current Trustees.

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Giving to the Baker Scholars Program

Your support helps ensure that the Georgetown Baker Scholars program remains a defining experience for scholars and a lasting connection for alumni.